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Scheib's Current Big Endeavor

In June 2012 Scheib was told that it won a new building from the Mueller Company. Even as we began a new construction project, the Board of Directors knew that this was a big step toward modernizing the campus to meet today’s needs. With no moss growing under our feet, the new Mueller Mental Health Building was occupied by the end of 2012 and by January 2013 preliminary floor plans were drawn for the remodel of our 5000 sq. ft. 1982 built warehouse. Funding problems, HUD requirements, and delays that we never imagined cost us over a year.

It has always been said that anything worthwhile requires grit and determination. The Board of Directors and their Executive Director Abby Merrill, the city officials, and all the Scheib community supporters as well as the staff and clients who desperately need this space, dug their heels in for the long haul and have been rewarded for their tenacity. Now in March 2014 construction has begun!!!

Tear out is first. New exterior, new walls to implement the floor plan. Half of the building will be an activity room. Educational games, job training from the new kitchen, therapeutic exercise, group meetings, recreational play, and more will fill this new exciting space!!!

David'd Activity Hall - Tear Out
When the Mueller Mental Health Building was completed, we believed that this space would carry Scheib for a few years. However within 6 months, all space was filled and stretched beyond capacity again.So the remodeled David’s Activity Hall will provide relief.The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) will move into new space as well as new space for the Peer to Peer Support group and it will provide 7 additional mental health offices.

Apparently Scheib is a robust and fearless non-profit. When staff says, “WE NEED”, the Board moves on faith that we can provide. If those who work providing day to day services for our mentally and developmentally disabled citizens and our veterans can do their job fearlessly, then we too can meet their needs for adequate and appropriate space … especially with such a generous and supportive community.

David’s Activity Hall should be ready for occupancy by the end of June.

Our Mission

The Scheib Center provides mental health and mental disability services to residents in San Marcos and Hays County mainly to those without insurance and those on Medicaid. Our two service areas are: Mental Health Services and services to those with mental disabilities, which today is known as Intellectually Developmentally Disabled.

Approximately 2,800 adults and children receive regular services at Scheib. This number does not include all the family members, parents, and care givers who benefit from the counseling, education, and emotional support involved in helping their loved ones. San Marcos and Hays County benefit from having citizens with better mental health and the type of ongoing care provided by Scheib. Our goal is to continue to search for ways to assist recovery and to improve the lives of our citizens.

Local Businesses Support Scheib

We wish to express our sincerest thanks to two local retailers (Lowe's and HEB) for their recent donations.  Their support is overwhelming and very much in need for our renovation of our old MCOT building into David's Activity Hall.  Our Mental Health, IDD and Veteran programs will directly benefit from these generous gifts.

Lowe_s_and_Scheib_Check_Photo_Crop-edit.jpgLowe's Home Improvement

HEB 2013 checkHEB


David's Activity Hall

Scheib Center's most pressing need is the use of a recreational room/gymnasium with a nearby, fully functioning kitchen, storage for physical therapy equipment, and additional office space for our ever growing programs involving veterans, "at-risk" juveniles, and group therapy attendees.  The thirty year old, 5,000 square foot warehouse is used as a recreation room; however it has an impractical layout, cement flooring, and barely functioning air conditioning units.  Additionally, the building's existing "kitchen" does not meet the needs of the staff for the IDD clients' daily lunch resulting in pre-made meals that are inconveniently carried from another building. Remodeling this warehouse to create a suitable space in which to provide our clients with essential services and programs is imperative to Scheib's continued growth.  
David's Activity Hall will provide our developmentally disabled clients a recreation room, a new kitchen with a serving bar, storage for physical therapy equipment, and the space to play sports, have dances, theatrical plays, training, and tons of fun!   Additionally, the remodel plans will leave a large portion of the building for office space, planned to house our Veterans programs, services for "At-Risk" juveniles, and Peer-to-Peer group counseling.  David's Activity Hall will be used for fundraising dinners, events, and open houses, which are very important to sustaining community involvement and support.  
The cost of renovating this warehouse into David's Activity Hall is estimated to be $375,000. An individual donation of $160,000 has already been obtained and earmarked for the renovation of this building. Additionally, the City Council awarded Scheib $179,400 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds specifically to complete this project. Lowes, HEB, and the Johnson Burnet Foundation have also made major contributions. Donations are still being accepted! All of Scheib's clients and staff eagerly await the completion of this project!

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