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Christmas Cards

Make a Donation - Receive a Gift

Scheib earns additional funds by gifting handmade note cards at local club events in exchange for a $15.00 donation.  This opportunity is now available to everyone!

Each package contains 10 cards (envelopes are included). 

Please call us at 512-392-6803 to place your order.

Please note that quantities may be limited.  Order today!

Card Types

Christmas  (Front, Inside top, Inside bottom, Back)
Each package contains 10 cards/envelopes.

Xmas02011-inside-top-256w.jpgInside Top

Xmas_-_inside_bottom-256w.jpgInside Bottom



Greeting/All Occasion  (Front, Inside top, Inside bottom is blank/not shown, Back)
Each package contains 10 cards.

General_-_inside_top-256w.jpgInside Top

Inside Bottom is blank.




In 2011 the first Scheib Art Contest was held.  People from the Peer to Peer counseling group and from the IDD workshop submitted designs for our very first Christmas card.  The submissions were amazing.  Three different selections were made.  One for the cover, one for the inside, and one for the back.  Verbiage was selected for the inside.  Then we printed 500 and used them to solicit donations.  Upon receipt everyone wanted these cards.  The demand was overwhelming.  We promised we would do this the next year.  So the next year came, a second completion for new designs resulted in a version asking for donations and another version of these was to be given away with each donation.  1000 were printed of the giveaway version.  Scheib was out in 2 weeks: 10 cards in each box for a total of 100 boxes.  So we reprinted 1000 more and then 1000 more.  Now we have an annual competition for a Happy, general note card as well as a Christmas card.

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