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New Mental Health Building

Mueller Helping Hand Project


The new mental health building is now completed and staff moved in November 30th, 2012.  The building shell construction was completed in only 2 1/2 days.  Excellent weather wasP1050034-800x600.jpg an icing on the cake for the fast moving, well coordinated attack on the building.  The progress accelerated everyday culminating in topping out in mid afternoon Wednesday.  While the original scope was complete, that of completing the building shell, the Mueller team saw the opportunity to help the Scheib construction crew to finish out the connection between the existing MH Center building and the new MH Expansion building.  What generosity and dedication!!!


The previous building to be completed at the Scheib Opportunity Center was the 3600 square foot Mental Health Clinic. It opened in 1999 and since that time little if anything has been done to any of the buildings other than regular maintenance and upkeep.  Now we have dramatically expanded this building to cover the expanding community and surrounding areas.

Since 1999 the Hays County population has nearly doubled to an estimated 176,000 in 2011. In 1999 the Center served some 375 individuals, total. Since that time the annual case load for the Center has grown more than six times to a total of 2563 individuals served by the two Clinics, the MCOT Team, and the ECI program in the twelve month period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. The case load at the Mental Health Clinic increased some 27% in that 12 month period.

In December of 2011, the Board of Directors voted to invest $80,000.00 of its funds to renovate and upgrade the building used for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities program of services. This project was completed in June of 2012.

Early in 2012 the Board of Directors determined that the building serving the Mental Health program of services must be enlarged for the following reasons:

1.)    In a typical day there are 22 staff members serving 75-80 clients in a building with only 14 offices. Four case managers share a single office and only one can provide counseling at a time, thereby slowing treatment. Single offices are 8’ x 9’ which is just enough space for a small desk and a patient chair. Delivering family consultations or a consultation to wheel chair patients is difficult and shuffling is required to find space.

2.)    There are 5 psychiatrists that service the Scheib Mental Health Clinic. Like the case managers, they share 2-3 available offices. This limits when they can work and they constantly juggle the use of the conference room.

3.)    Federal HIPPA laws require confidentially which means there must be separate offices for each consultation to maintain that privacy. The current lack of space for doctors, nurses and case managers drastically slows delivery of services.

4.)    The MCOT (Mobil Crisis Outreach Team) consists of a licensed therapist, a psychiatrist, 2 case managers and 3 law enforcement officers specially trained and assigned to the team. Their mission is to intervene and prevent crisis situations in all of Hays County. The MCOT is in another building and away from the Mental Health service team. For safety and efficiency they should be in the same building.

5.)    The Veterans Counselor has an office in the building with MCOT. This office should be in the same building with all of the other services.

6.)    The TCOOMI Juvenile Case Manager has an office in the building with MCOT. This office should also be in the same building with all of the other offices.

7.)    The medical records are in a 7’ x 8’ office with files which must be moved just to enter or exit the office. The main records room is in another building which requires staff to cross an open area to retrieve the files.

8.)    There is not room for a pharmacy in the building, which is a significant service that should be provided.

9.)    A general medicine MD physician is to be added to the service staff at the Scheib Center and space must be allocated for that office.

Construction plans for a 4,000 square foot building which will be attached to the existing Mental Health building were prepared. As part of the process of looking for money to complete the project an application was submitted to compete in a statewide competition known as the Mueller Helping Hands Project. With wonderful community support including the San Marcos City Council and Mayor, the Hays County Commissioners Court and Judge, and our State Representative, we were selected to receive the $100,000.00+ building. The Mueller Company donates the building and erects it with a volunteer force of 40 of their employees. Mueller provides the building frame, skin, roof, and exterior doors. We must provide the rest.

The Scheib Opportunity Center must fund the parking lot addition, the building foundation, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, interior walls and doors, flooring, and the breezeway to link the new building to the existing building. The remodeling and upgrading of the existing building will also be our responsibility. The total cost estimate for this work is $450,000.00.

The Scheib Opportunity Center Board has $225,000.00 to commit to this project. The Board of Directors has identified 30 prospective donors in the community who are being personally solicited for gifts ranging from $1000 to $10,000. The Board’s goal is to raise an additional $100,000.00 from personal donations and small grants. To date over $40,000.00 has been given or dedicated to this fund.

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