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The Amazing Scheib Center

I am not easily amazed, but these days the Scheib Center tops my list of amazing places. Do you know the Scheib Center provides…

1.    Services to over 2,800 people with mental and developmental disabilities yearly and 8400 yearly including their family members

2.   An exciting workshop for 80-100 developmentally disabled adults

3.   Supported employment, medical care, and behavioral support for the developmentally disabled

4.   Full staff of nurses, 5 psychiatrists, counselors, social workers,  case managers for children and adults

And I would guess that most citizens of San Marcos and Hays County don’t know that Scheib...

1.    Provides the home for the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team which includes 3 policemen and 5 support staff who are all especially trained in arrests and crisis involving mental health issues

2.   Has a Veterans Initiative with staff to help veterans in crisis or those who need help transitioning back into normal life

3.   Is the liaison for all local public schools when children are in crisis either with drugs or other mental issues

4.   Is the liaison with both juvenile and adult courts when mental or developmental disabilities are an issue

Scheib has silently done all of this in San Marcos and Hays County since 1973.  The lack of public awareness is in part because mental illness and developmental disabilities are not classy topics of conversation and no one wants to admit that they or a family member has been affected by mental or developmental disabilities. And, the truth is that many under Scheib’s care don’t look like you and me.

So, why be involved with Scheib? It is for the developmentally disabled young girl who was beaten by her family, discarded and through Scheib lives in a group home and comes to the Scheib workshop with a big smile on her face.  It is for the veteran, recently home with no legs to find his wife had left him and that his house was in foreclosure, who now turns to Scheib for help. It is for the man, who forgets his medication and is found living under an overpass again, who needs Scheib. And, it is for the lady who last Sunday whispered to me at church that last month she needed help and Scheib could not give her an appointment until mid-October.  And then she said, “I guess that’s why ya’ll are constructing a new Mental Health Building.” With tears in my eyes, I answered, “Yes”.

So, just Know the Scheib Center is here to serve.  Come by the Scheib Campus, 1200 N. Bishop, any time October 1-3, to watch the Mueller Company’s 45 Texas volunteers build a new Mental Health Building. They will show us the likes of an old fashion barn raising. Then, come celebrate with us on October 4th at 1:00 pm as Scheib celebrates with “New Building … New futures” and honors those it serves and those who donate so those services can continue and grow.

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