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Wonder World Park - A Lifelong Friendship

Scheib Center and Wonder World Park: 
A Lifelong Friendship

Esther Miles and Nim Rod Smith prepare bags of deer feed for Wonder World Park.

The Scheib Day Workshop employs a professionally trained staff that provides life skills training, intellectual and physical education, physical therapy, choir and theatrical rehearsals, lunch, and recreational activities for 80-100 developmentally disabled adults five days a week.  Additionally, the Day Workshop provides opportunities to perform paid contracted labor, giving our clients a significant boost in self-esteem by earning wages. 

Wonder World Park has had the honor and pleasure of doing business with the Scheib Center for over fifteen years.  Scheib’s Day Workshop clients have provided a valuable service to our park by transforming bulk deer feed for the Wildlife Park into smaller 2oz bags.  The smaller bag adds to the enjoyment of all visitors who want to hand feed all of the critters during the train ride adventure.  Each year Scheib clients produce thousands of these small hand held “animal feed bags.”  This time consuming task performed by the clients of the Scheib Day Workshop has provided fun for untold numbers of Wonder World Wildlife Park guests.  From the very young to our senior visitors, nothing is as entertaining as feeding the eagerly awaiting animals that call the Park their home. 

  The Scheib Center is a marvelous place with a family environment and clients of the Day Workshop are constantly learning and developing life skills.  The picture shows Hill County MHDD Day Workshop Trainer, Esther Miles, and Scheib Day Workshop client, Nim Rod Smith holding up a bag of Wonder World “animal feed bags.”  Esther Smith has worked at Scheib for seventeen years, helping clients like Nim Rod to become more independent and reach their full potential.  Thank you so much for all the Scheib Center provides, not only for Wonder World Park, but for helping the hundreds of local men and women in need of mental health and developmental disability services.

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